Virtual postpartum care allows you to interact directly with your healthcare provider one-to-one, and by YOUR CHOICE of either a phone call or video interaction on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop device. After discharge from the hospital, you may set a telehealth appointment during which you will be assessed for all of your early postpartum concerns for yourself and your baby.

Along with additional opportunities for questions and information exchange through email and text messaging, this personalized experience makes sure that your team of providers  focus completely on you and your baby’s health and are directly accessible and responsive to you whenever needed. Breastfeeding support and emotional support is also available virtually throughout the postpartum period.

Your six week postpartum exam may be conducted virtually or in person as determined by need. All patients receive a 24 hour cell phone number to reach their provider for any urgent concerns or postpartum support. For an additional questions you may email

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