Virtual Women’s Health Care by Telehealth

Virtual women’s healthcare allows you to interact directly with your healthcare provider one-to-one, and by YOUR CHOICE of either a phone call or video interaction on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop device. During your telehealth consultation appointment your gynecology health concerns will be discussed and a determination will be made if an in person visit will also be needed.

The virtual visit will include lab test orders for blood work, orders for sexually transmitted infection screening, orders for pelvic ultrasounds, family planning counseling and birth control prescriptions as needed.  Along with additional opportunities for questions and information exchange through email and text messaging, this personalized experience makes sure that your team of providers  focus completely on you and your GYN health and are directly accessible and responsive to you whenever needed.

We recommend a Pap smear every three to five years over the age of 21. Read more here about the screening recommendations or for an appointment you may click here or email