Easy Access Clinic - The JJ Way - Virtual Women's Healthcare Via TeleHealth

 What is virtual maternity care The JJ WayⓇ?

Easy Access Clinic - Virtual Maternity flyerMidwife Jennie Joseph has created a safe and convenient way for you to receive essential prenatal and postpartum care from the comfort of your own home or while at work.

How is virtual maternity care The JJ WayⓇ safe?

This care allows you to interact with your health care provider one-to-one and by your choice of either a phone call or video interaction on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop device. Along with additional opportunities for questions and information exchange through email and text messaging, this personalized experience makes sure that your team of providers  focus completely on you and your baby’s health  and are directly accessible and responsive to you whenever needed.

Whenever a physical exam, cervical check or high risk consultation is necessary you will be seen in person at the office or referred to one of our collaborating physicians offices. All necessary labs and ultrasounds are referred out to our collaborating partners and are conducted at their locations according to your maternity schedule.

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Are you eligible for virtual care via telehealth?

If you have any high risk concerns or prefer to be seen in person  by a midwife or by an OB provider we are happy to see you in the office or refer you to the High Risk Clinic at Winnie Palmer Hospital. Please email for more details and we fully understand and appreciate that not everyone is comfortable with virtual care.

The Easy Access Clinic team includes Midwives, nurse practitioners, Medical Assistants, Doulas and Community Health Workers.  Our team refers all patients for labor and delivery services to our collaborating OB hospitalist doctors and midwives at Winnie Palmer Hospital and Advent Health Orlando hospital.


How do I set up my first appointment for virtual care at the Easy Access Clinic?

Click Here to request a new patient appointment and be sure to request virtual maternity care.

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Please email katrina@commonsensechildbirth.org or text our main line 407 656 6938. Once you are established as a patient you will be given a 24 hour phone number for urgent concerns.

If you are experiencing an emergency please go to your nearest hospital or call 911!