Women's Healthcare Pricing

Annual Women's Health Exams - PAP & Breast Exam


Pregnancy Testing

Urine Test - $5

Blood Test $40

Prenatal Care

$6​5.00 per visit (pay per visit)

Postpartum Care

$6​5.00 per visit (pay per visit)

Birth Control/Family Planning Exam


STD/STI Exam and Prescriptions


Sliding scale is available - please ask

We offer a women’s health care clinic providing well-woman care and family planning services please use our contact form or email for more details.

There is a serious and ongoing need for access to women’s health care in our community which particularly impacts those with greatest need for services. It has long been known that women need health care support during pregnancy but also in-between babies in order to remain healthy and have the best possible outcomes when they do conceive.



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